Deferred Prosecution Agreements


Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Dec 2014
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Deferred Prosecution Agreements is a topical guide to the brand new regime for addressing corporate liability in England and Wales. It provides a straightforward account of the development of the new rules, and will be essential for all those at the nexus of corporate crime and prosecution.

  • Brings together a range of diverse materials in one useful and straightforward guide to the law and use of DPAs.
  • Defines the circumstances in which a DPA would be an appropriate course of action, and what processes to follow in the creation of one.
  • Sets out the development of the relevant legislation leading to the availability of DPAs in the UK from 2014.
  • Considers what constitutes corporate criminal liability and the relevant offences which might lead to the use of a DPA.
  • Identifies the prosecuting authorities capable of entering into a DPA.
  • Illustrates best practice in corporate compliance, taking into consideration the prosecutor’s criteria for decision-making where internal misconduct may have been identified.
  • Clearly sets out procedural requirements and published guidance, providing practical steps for corporate legal practitioners entering into negotiations leading to a DPA.
  • States the potential penalties and sanctions available via a DPA, and addresses the consequences of not adhering to the provisions made therein, as well as other alternative outcomes.
  • Takes into account the application of DPAs internationally and the potential for global settlements.
  • US DPAs are reviewed alongside the UK case authorities relating to corporate criminal prosecutions, grounding the UK regime against helpful comparative examples.