Shareholders' Rights, 2nd Edition



Aug 2015
(approx. USD298.46)

This second edition of ‘Shareholders’ Rights’ provides essential reading for international corporate lawyers and general counsel. As European directives help develop and shape the harmonisation of the law and legal systems, access to the latest information on a country-by-country basis is a must for international practitioners.

This comparative guide collates information from leading international corporate lawyers from each of the 26 jurisdictions covered, providing law firms and general counsel with an insight into the key issues that arise.

Jurisdictional coverage in 26 countries

1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Chile
4. China
5. Colombia
6. Cyprus
7. Denmark
8. France
9. Greece
10. Hong Kong
11. Hungary
12. India
13. Indonesia
14. Israel
15. Italy
16. Mexico
17. The Netherlands
18. Poland
19. Portugal
20. Russia
21. Spain
22. Switzerland
23. Turkey
24. United Arab Emirates
25. United Kingdom


• Types of limited companies and shares
• General shareholders’ rights
• General meeting of shareholders
• Shareholder rights relating to general meetings
• Shareholders’ rights against directors
• Shareholders’ rights against the company’s auditors
• Disclosure of information to shareholders
• Shareholders agreements
• Dividends
• Financing and share interests
• Share transfers and exit
• Material transactions
• Insolvency
• Corporate groups

Jurisdiction: UK