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SUBJECT INDEX: Civil Procedure

The Law of Evidence in Singapore, Second Edition

Additional chapter & updated contents reflecting changes to the law in 2018.

The second edition reflects the latest changes in the law up to February 2018 to clearly provide you with a holistic view on Evidence Law in Singapore. Moving beyond Singapore, the applicability of evidence law related in international tribunals is covered in the new chapter to benefit arbitrators.

Singapore Civil Procedure 2018

Singapore White Book 2018 helps you fill in the blanks

Law & Practice of Injunctions, Interim Measures and Search Orders in Singapore

The ideal starting point for all practitioners covering the broad range of injunctions in one volume

Singapore Civil Procedure 2017

 A lot can change in 12 months. Your cases are unpredictable. Whether you settle, make it to court, have an interlocutory matter, or an appeal, the one constant is the Singapore White Book. More judges and lawyers use it than anything else. Why? For the commentary provided by those best to advise you on the latest version of the rules.

Singapore Civil Procedure 2016 (2 Volumes)

The Singapore Civil Procedure 2016 (2 Volumes) is an essential court book that is on the desk of judges and lawyers. This 2016 edition becomes a must-have copy so that you share the same perspective as the judges on the latest up-to-date workings of the Rules of Court when preparing for and in court.



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