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So much more than just a book.

The 2018 Service is the essential companion and reference publication for every criminal practitioner. It has a main work, two supplements and four e-newsletters.



Giving you confidence in the face of an ever changing legal environment. The Hon. Mr. Justice Bokhary continues as the Editor-in-Chief and Mr. Graham Harris QC as the General Editor. Every word is ingrained with the wisdom, experience and expertise of our expert author team who know what it takes to build watertight cases and deliver when it really matters.

Archbold Hong Kong is the reference work to cite in court, adding weight and credibility to your arguments. It concentrates on what the law is, rather than what it ought to be, covering both substantive law and the practice and procedure of the court.

You know as well as we do how quickly the law changes. The 2018 service keeps you upto- date through the main work, two supplements, and four e-newsletters. Many chapters are updated including cases on organized and serious crime, hearsay, confessions, joint enterprise, outraging public decency, bail, dangerous drugs, costs, intoxication, sexual offences, professional misconduct, search warrants, discount for good character, road traffic offences, legal professional privilege, competence of counsel, securities and futures offences and immigration offences, enhancing your understanding of the crimes relevant to your current cases.

Archbold Hong Kong 2018 is available in print, ProView eBook and on Westlaw Asia.



The Hong Kong White Book 2018


The Hong Kong White book is trusted for its authority, commentary and is relied upon by judges and lawyers alike for guidance on Civil Procedure.

The 2018 service continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of matters relevant to civil procedure. The sixteenth edition of Hong Kong Civil Procedure contains four mainwork volumes - Volumes 1 & 2 contain substantive laws and commentary. The Arbitration and ADR volume, a specialist volume, contains detailed commentary to laws and international treaties relating to various forms of alternative dispute resolution. The Court Forms volume contains prescribed forms and practice forms.

The Hong Kong White Book 2018 is available in print, ProView eBook and on Westlaw Asia, intelligently connect your civil litigation work with our content, expertise and technology.

Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance (Cap.628): Commentary & Annotations, 1st Edition

The law comes into full effect on 8 July 2017.

First text to review and analyze this new Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance (Cap.628) enacted because of the recent 2015 and 2016 amendments to the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap.571) allowing the Securities and Futures Commission as well as other financial authorities for the resolution of systemically important financial institutions in the banking, insurance, and securities and futures sectors, as well as certain financial market infrastructures, when a crisis occurs leading to the failure of that monetary fund in an orderly manner without taxpayer exposure to loss from solvency support, while also maintaining the continuity of their vital economic functions.

All 244 Sections and 8 Schedules of the Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance (Cap.628) are reviewed and analyzed. This new text examines the new powers given to the Hong Kong Money Authority (“HKMA”), Insurance Authority (“IA”), and the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) and how might they be applied to help and resolve the issues that arise when a financial institution fails, including the powers to:

(i) impose a write off or conversion of capital instruments issued by authorized financial institutions;

(ii) to resolve a holding company or group company of a within scope entity;and

(iii) to give effect to a resolution action taken by an overseas counterpart.

This is an essential text to all legal practitioners and regulators working in the commercial, financial, and companies sector, as well as all those working in the banking/finance industry, including accountants, money managers, investment brokers, etc.


1. I-Annex 3: Resolvability Assessments
2. I-Annex 4: Essential Elements of Recovery and Resolution Plans
3. Financial Institutions (Resolution) (Protected Arrangements) Regulation
4. Principles on Loss-absorbing and Recapitalisation Capacity of G-SIBs in Resolution – Total Loss-absorbing Capacity (TLAC) Term Sheet
5. Hong Kong Monetary Authority: Resolution Planning – Core Information Requirements

1. Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions
2. Regulations on Protected Arrangements: Consultation Paper

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622): Commentary & Annotations, 2017 Edition

This new 2017 Edition of the commentary and annotations of the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) has been revised and reformatted for a better comprehensive overview of all the changes that occurred to the law over the last 3 years - including the most recent 2017 cases highlighting the now statutory duty of all company directors to exercise reasonable care, duty and diligence when dealing with the company’s everyday business affairs!

Arbitration in Hong Kong - A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition

The authoritative essential reference work

You’ll be guided by in-depth analysis and commentary across the general principals AND procedural and specialist arbitration topics by experts in their respective fields

Written by leading practitioners and experts:

Editor-in-Chief: Geoffrey Ma GBM QC SC

– Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal

General Editor: Denis Brock, Partner, O''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Melveny & Myers

– Author of the Hong Kong chapter of Enforcement of Foreign Judgment, and ADR in Business (chapter on the Appeal of International Law Firms)

– He has more than 15 years’ experience practicing litigation and dispute resolution practice in Hong Kong and Asia

The Law and Practice of Hong Kong Companies, 3rd Edition

This updated 3rd Edition presents everything the corporate reader would need for their day to day practice in accordance with the new provisions of the now fully enacted Companies Ordinance (Cap.622). From incorporation to dissolution, formation of joint ventures, the purchase of sole trader and partnership business to civil and criminal proceedings, this highly practical and popular new edition of Law and Practice of Hong Kong Companies offers even more coverage and detail than previous editions.

Croc of Final Appeal

Following the success of The Law is a Crocodile and Crocodile at Law, Sweet & Maxwell is pleased to present Croc of Final Appeal from Mr. Justice Kemal Bokhary.

This is the third in a trilogy of cartoon law books by Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary. Like its predecessors, it reaches out to the general public as well as lawyers. Its main theme is the law’s role in achieving the ideals to which humankind aspires. To convey his thoughts, the author has written 149 entries and drawn 152 cartoons. The link between natural law and human rights is explored. Democracy, justice and the rule of law are among the topics addressed.  So are civil disobedience, constitutional methods, the separation of powers and much more besides. Humour is often employed, but always to make points meant to be taken seriously.

Brooke's Notary Hong Kong, 2nd Edition

The only reference work on notarial practice in Hong Kong, covering amendments and revisions following the reform of notarial practice.

The Conflict of Laws in Hong Kong, 3rd Edition

The only up-to-date authoritative guide in Hong Kong on Conflicts.

IPO Handbook for Hong Kong 2017

IPO Handbook for Hong Kong 2017
A comprehensive handbook spanning the entire listing process

Educating you on the rules you need to follow, the standards you need to meet, and the companies and organizations that can offer assistance as you embark on your IPO journey.
For the past two years, Hong Kong has been the world-leading IPO market, witnessing PSBC’s mammoth $8 billion IPO in 2016. This comprehensive handbook spans the entire listing process, from pre-IPO preparation to managing the IPO marketing and investor relations.
Limited copies are available. Order yours now! 
Trademark Law in China - Pirates in the Middle Kingdom: The New Frontier, 3rd Edition

The Third Edition of Trademark Law in China provides a comprehensive analysis of China’s developing trademark laws including translations of the Chinese Intellectual Property and Trademark laws, related notices and regulations and cases decided by the Chinese Supreme People’s Court. 

Company Law in Hong Kong - Insolvency 2017

First analytical and comprehensive look at the proposed amendments and revisions to the Companies (Winding-Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap.32) now pending before the Legislative Council!

Banking Law and Practice in Hong Kong

The ONLY book analysing and commenting on the current state of legislation, regulation and policy of Banking Law in Hong Kong.

Company Law in Hong Kong - Practice and Procedure 2017

Company Law in Hong Kong – Practice and Procedure 2017 continues to highlight the operation of the new Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) two years after its enactment in Hong Kong.

Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap.571): Commentary and Annotations, 2nd Edition

Analyse the latest reforms and amendments to the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap.571), with references to the most recent codes, guidelines and circulars. This comprehensive and practical guide, general edited by Mr Lawrence Li of Temple Chambers, and authored by a team of expert contributors, provides analysis of all 409 sections as well as the Schedules of the Ordinance.


The definitive guide to criminal practice and procedure in Hong Kong.

Construction Dispute Prevention and Resolution in Hong Kong 2016

The reliable and comprehensive authority on construction law and the dispute resolution process in Hong Kong

THE HONG KONG WHITE BOOK 2017, Volumes 1 & 2, 15th Edition

In the midst of constant development, the Hong Kong White Book 2017 provides authority, guidance and security on civil procedure in one single source, ensuring you have the in-depth understanding of civil procedure  you need to succeed.

Chitty on Contracts, Hong Kong Specific Contracts, 5th Edition

The authoritative reference work for Hong Kong contract law.

Essential updates for every Hong Kong practitioner following the introduction of the Competition Ordinance (Cap. 691) and Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Cap. 623).
The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622): Commentary & Annotations, 2016 Edition

The full and complete annotations of the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) on all 921 sections and 11 schedules of the Primary Legislation, as well all 112 provisions of the Subsidiary Legislation (Cap.622A - 622L) - presented in a 2-volume set highlighting the key changes, precedence and applications made by the law since its enactment 2 years ago.


Written by doctors and lawyers,the book is essential reading for practitioners in both professions who are concerned with the medico-legal aspects of beginning and end of life issues,as well as advances in medical research and technology and patients'''' rights and autonomy in law.

Law and Justice in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition

The second edition of Law and Justice in Hong Kong offers readers a fully updated account of the legal system of Hong Kong, the only common law jurisdiction in East Asia. Written in a lucid narrative style, it provides a clear explanation of the fundamental principles of Hong Kong law and legal procedure with reference to wider global and regional developments. It also explains the crucial role played by the rule of law in Hong Kong’s historic transition from a cluster of marginal fishing settlements into a leading international financial centre over the course of one and a half century.


The only publication which offers the first analytical and comprehensive look at the proposed amendments and revisions to the Companies (Winding-Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap.32) now pending before the Legislative Council, this is an essential publication to understand and comprehend all relevant amendments and changes to the law.

Employment Law and Practice in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition

Essential legal content for everyone who wants to stay current with all Hong Kong Employment Law related matters, this Second Edition of Employment Law & Practice in Hong Kong brings you up to date on the developments of the past six years on the practice of law and jurisprudence. It also features expanded coverage of a number of areas, including: post-termination restrictive covenants and numerous case law developments in workplace discrimination.

Practical Guide to the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance

The Practical Guide to the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance as authored by Linklaters provides a highly practical yet comprehensive overview of the new competition regime from both substantive and procedural aspects.

Personal Injury Tables Hong Kong 2016, 4th Edition


Bermuda Commercial Law

Authored by Harney Westwood & Riegels and Harneys Bermuda Limited, one of Bermuda’s leading law firms, Bermuda Commercial Law is the authoritative reference for lawyers and other professionals who work frequently with offshore corporate structures and transactions.

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Hong Kong

Print and ProView eBook included with exclusive content on eBook version!

The first publication on drafting wills and trusts in Hong Kong, this crucial guide explains the issues involved in preparing Hong Kong law trusts.

Hong Kong Basic Law Handbook

Hong Kong Basic Law Handbook is the essential reference source and guide for judges, practitioners, scholars and students on constitutional law and judicial review in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Human Rights: Source, Content and Enforcement

The first comprehensive treatment of human rights covering its origins, contents and enforcement, with detailed discussions of the provisions of the ICCPR and the ICESCR and how they impact Hong Kong.

Justice Kemal Bokhary has had a distinguished legal career in Hong Kong, culminating in his appointment as one of the founding members of the Court of Final Appeal. His contribution to Hong Kong’s legal system, and the rule of law, is highly regarded, both by the legal profession and the wider community.

Law of the Hong Kong Constitution, Second Edition

The political system has undergone major changes in Hong Kong, especially in relation to the debates on the election of the Chief Executive in 2017 and the evolvement of the Occupy Movement.

Some highlights of this title include:
• Operation of the Legislative Council, covering the important but least discussed topic on parliamentary practice and procedure, as well as the difficult question on the relations between the Legislature and the Judiciary
• Remedy – a very important subject in practice on which there are significant developments
• Comprehensive analysis of the Basic Law and the concept of ”one country, two systems”

Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL)

JICL promotes truly international legal research and scholarship encouraging new insights into law in context. It publishes expert accounts and thought provoking assessments of important theoretical or jurisprudential questions. JICL encourages discussion of contemporary issues of law not only those conventionally in the areas of international law and comparative law, but also national and regional legal developments which will be of interest to a much wider audience. It welcomes interdisciplinary contributions especially those that tangibly link such disciplines as social sciences, economics, international politics, media studies and other fields of research and academic debate that may be more empirically based but of major significance in influencing the focus and reform of law in its national and global contexts.

It commenced publication in 2014 and publishes two issues, in June and December.

The December 2015 issue includes articles on “Legal Reform of Traditional Courts in South Africa: Exploring Links between Ubuntu, Restorative Justice and Therapeutic Jurisprudence”; “From Private-Law Roots to International Norm: An Investigation into Moral Damage and Pecuniary Reparations In Transnational and International Law”; “Fiji: A New Dawn for Human Rights? Learning from Comparative Lessons”; and “Judicial Recusal and Removal—A Comparative Study of the New Zealand Wilson Saga.”

Currently we are receiving submissions for publication in 2017. Submissions may be sent to Professor Anton Cooray at to whom any inquiries may also be directed.


Company Law in Hong Kong - Insolvency 2016

Updated with all transitional aspects and new legal content regarding the re-titled Cap.32 Companies (Winding-Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance including the revised aspects of the winding-up process:

• Commencement of winding-up
• Appointment, powers, vacation of office and release of provisional liquidators
• Conduct of winding-up
• Voidable transactions
• Investigation during winding-up, offences antecedent to or in the course of winding-up and powers of the Courts
• Transitional laws and legal precedence that have been recently reviewed and heard by the

Company Law in Hong Kong - Practice and Procedure 2016

Updated with all transitional aspects and new legal content relating to the new Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) such as:

• Constitution of the Company – new & simplified procedures;
• Share Capital – revised aspects;
• Transfer of Share Capital;
• New and Revised Duties of Directors; and
• New requirement for all companies (unless exempted) here in Hong Kong to prepare a business review as part of the required director’s report
• New cases that have been heard during the first year of this new companies law enactment.


Maritime Law and Practice in Hong Kong

The first book of its kind which provides a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Hong Kong maritime law, including such aspects as:

• Dry shipping
• Wet shipping
• Jurisdiction and applicable law
• Practice & procedures of maritime disputes, etc.

The publication has an accessible style and clear illustrations of latest cases of major maritime jurisdictions, international conventions, with references to latest local issues.


The 2016 Service is the essential companion and reference publication for every criminal practitioner. It has a main work, two supplements and four e-newsletters.


The use of offshore vehicles for international financial transactions is becoming more and more popular in the Asia Pacific region. Among them the Cayman Islands is  now the hot jurisdiction for offshore companies and commercial work, as well as the choice now to set up an offshore financial center.

The Cayman Islands has positioned itself as the number one destination for offshore legal operations. It is the market leader in the formation of mutual funds – estimated to house about 75% of world’s hedge funds and nearly half the industry’s estimated US$1.1 trillion of asset under management followed by Bermuda. This is evidenced by the fact that Hong Kong tycoon, Mr. Li Ka-Shing, unveiled in January 2015 a sweeping restructuring of his business empire, switching its base of incorporation to the Cayman Islands from Hong Kong for more flexibility in re-organization.

Cayman Islands Company and Commercial Law is:
• The first Cayman Islands Commercial Law publication for offshore companies and commercial work in the market
• Published by Conyers Dill & Pearman, the leading offshore law firm in the Cayman Islands with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Dubai.
• A comprehensive coverage of latest policies set by CIMA, and summaries a number of important recent cases decided by the Cayman Islands Courts in connection with shareholder rights, directors’ duties, and insolvency

The Cayman Islands vehicles involved all aspects of international commercial transactions including: private equity, IPOs, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate finance transactions. This publication will also cover recent trends in Cayman Islands company law including IPOs of Cayman Islands companies and “go private” transactions.

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622): Commentary & Annotations, 2nd Edition


The must-have commentary and annotations of the (new) Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) on all 921 sections and 11 schedules, including all 12 provisions of the Subsidiary Legislation (Cap. 622A- 622L) – highlighting the key changes, precedence and applications enacted by the new law one year after its commencement.

Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap.571): Commentary and Annotations

The Securities and Future Ordinance (Cap.571) continues to be one of the most influential pieces of legislation in Hong Kong, affecting the way companies, banks, financial institutions doing business in Hong Kong. Securities and Future Ordinance: Commentary and Annotations covers Hong Kong securities law in the form of annotations and commentaries not only to the sections to the SFO, but the SFO Schedules, subsidiary legislation as well as related legal precedents. In addition, it looks at prospective reforms to the SFO, with pending provision amendments highlighted and opinions given on how these new aspects affect the industry.

Law of Companies in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition

The Second Edition of Law of Companies in Hong Kong continues to be the main substantive text on company law more than a year after the law’s enactment continuing to provide all the recent applications and updates on the progress of this new companies regime. 
Documentary Evidence in Hong Kong

The first comprehensive guide that brings together applicable Hong Kong and English authority, so that the Hong Kong civil practitioner will, perhaps for the first time, have all the relevant law in one place in relation to documentary evidence.

THE HONG KONG WHITE BOOK 2016, Volumes 1 & 2


In the midst of constant development, the Hong Kong White Book 2016 provides authority, guidance and security on civil procedure in one single
source, ensuring you have the in-depth understanding of civil procedure you need to succeed.
The 2016 service continues to provide the most comprehensive coverage of matters relevant to civil procedure with volumes on:
• Rules of the High Court
• Litigation legislation
• Arbitration and ADR Volume
• Court Forms
The existing commentaries have been replaced by commentaries tailored to: New Companies Ordinance and New Trustees Ordinance.
Hong Kong White Book is the book of the Hong Kong courts – written and reviewed by judges and legal practitioners – giving you the weight of authority when referring to it in court.
The Hong Kong White Book 2016 is available in print, eBook, digital and on Westlaw HK, now powered by Westlaw Asia. So no matter how you choose to work the Hong Kong White Book is the litigation solution for you.


The Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance: Commentary and Annotations, 2nd Edition

The second edition of The Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance: Commentary and Annotations contains relevant Hong Kong arbitration cases and amendments to the Arbitration Ordinance since January 2011 (when the 1st edition was published). References to prominent cases from other Model Law jurisdictions that were decided since January 2011 and which have ruled on, or assist in the interpretation of, Model Law provisions are also included.This book is a one stop shop for all lawyers and other professionals involved in arbitration to refer to on a regular basis. Some of the highlights include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the recently tabled Arbitration (Amendment) Bill 2015
  • 25 sections of the Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance have been amended since January 2011
  • Detailed discussion and analysis of every section. There is a special emphasis on how the newprovisions are likely to be applied in practice
  • Commentary by 14 Hong Kong-based arbitration specialists with substantial experience inboth international and domestic arbitrations in a wide range of sectors
  • Appendices containing important documents including HKIAC Report 1996, CommitteeReport 2003, Consultation Paper 2007, Explanatory Memorandum, to Arbitration(Amendment) Bill 2013 and more


Investor Protection in Capital Markets - The Case of Hong Kong

Investor Protection in Capital Markets – The Case of Hong Kong focuses on the regulatory protections available to public investors who have decided to invest their money and trust in Hong Kong listed companies. This book analyses procedures and regulations put in place to ensure investors are given adequate protection for their investment, with the objective to provide the public with transparent and sufficient investment information.

Thinking Like A Lawyer

 An essential guide for those starting out on their study of law.

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Singapore : A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition

An essential reference for anyone involved in trust marketing, structuring, client relationship management and administration.

Legal Practitioners Ordinance (CAP.159): Commentary and Annotations

The Legal Practitioners Ordinance (Cap.159) is the standard that must be abided by the legal profession here in Hong Kong. In simple terms, the Ordinance provides the statutory framework necessary for facilitating the establishment of the legal profession here in Hong Kong. 

This publication’s aim is to provide a reference tool to comprehend and understand the high standards of conduct and professionalism expected of all members of the legal profession here in Hong Kong. The professional responsibility of both solicitors and barristers, as well as other members of the legal profession in Hong Kong, has continued to evolve and grow at an alarming pace both locally and internationally, leading to a stricter and more rigid standard of behavior expected by all those serving the legal community. This publication is therefore an important resource for all legal practitioners, no matter if they are veterans of the legal profession or just firs year trainees/pupils, as well as current law school students, as all must be alert and up-to-date to the changes in regards to the professional code of conduct and requirements of their chosen legal profession.

This publication incorporates the most up-to-date analyses and information regarding practices, principles, and code of conduct required of all those in the legal profession, namely solicitors, barristers, the judiciary, government lawyers, prosecutors, in-house counsel as well as foreign lawyers. Feature highlighted and examined include relevant decisions and legal precedence, as well as references to the Hong Kong''s Guide to Professional Conduct for both Solicitors and Barristers. Recent developments examined include the landmark case of Winnie Lo v HKSAR, where the lawyer in the matter was convicted of champerty and maintenance, analysis of the Solictors and Barrister code of conduct, qualifications for legal practice here in Hong Kong, etc.




Asia Mediation Handbook

This title comprises of 29 authors from 15 different jurisdictions in Asia. Each jurisdiction highlights its historical development of mediation and its unique features.

  • How one gets accredited in the jurisdiction for practitioners and how one can get mediators for end users. 
  • How the Judiciary supports mediation and what has the government done on mediation and what they intend to do.
  • What is the legislation framework support mediation?
  • How much is mediation services are being charged?
  • Any pro-bono schemes are available for parties to use?
Some statistics on success rate of mediation in the locality if available. Case law is also presented where appropriate.  Some of the problems and the future direction on the use of mediation in the jurisdiction will also be discussed.

Who needs it?

International lawyers, parties in mediation in different jurisdictions, students, researchers, mediators, and lawyers within the jurisdiction who wants to know more about mediation within its own jurisdiction and other jurisdictions in Asia.

China Labour Law: A Q&A Guide for Foreign Lawyers and HR Managers

China Labour Law: A Q&A Guide for Foreign Lawyers and HR Managers is aimed at helping foreign lawyers and human resources managers understand China’s labour law framework. The format is based on the author’s practical experiences and analyses of case studies and select local city regulations, such as Tianjin, Chongqing and Shenzhen.

Answers are structured in four parts:
(a) case study;
(b) answer to the case study,
(c) general legal framework; and
(d) list of laws, regulations and judicial decisions.

In addition, important laws and regulations and abstracts of important judicial decisions are included as appendices.

Questions cover major aspects of China’s labour law framework, such as:
• Hiring procedures
• Formalities of the employment contract
• Wages and contributions
• Role of trade unions
• Discrimination
• Sexual harassment
• Termination of the employment relation
• Invalidity causes of the employment contract
• Maternity leave
• Part-time, foreign employees

Practical and precise system of cross-referencing
• Extensive appendix with English translations of the main laws and regulations
• Practical tables for the calculation of social insurance and housing
• Details on fund contributions, with the minimum amount of compensation in case of work-related injuries.

Regulatory Principles of Banking Law in China, 1st Edition

This is the first and only truly comprehensive publication about banking law in China. It covers all relevant topics related to Chinese banking law, beginning with a discussion about the historical development of Chinese banking law from the 1980s to present day. This is particularly helpful for the reader to get a good understanding of China’s unique banking policy and system.

Topics discussed and examined include:

1. China’s accession to the WTO;
2. The subsequent liberalization of its banking and financial practices;
3. Division of power and responsibilities between the People’s Bank of China (the Central Bank) and the China Banking Regulatory Commission (Banking Regulatory and Supervisor).

There is also helpful discussion aimed to clarify the complicated consumer protection mechanisms. Similarly to other banking law books, this publication also provides instruction about banking license applications in China.

This book also discusses the issues arising from: (i) the implementation of Basel Recommendations (Basel I, II, and III) in China; and (ii) regulation of financial derivatives, securitizations, securities taking (secured creditor), banking insolvency, settlement, and depository protection schemes and insurance.

This book will be an invaluable source of information to academics teaching and students learning about Chinese banking law. Due to the book’s incredible wealth of comprehensive information about Chinese banking law, this will appeal not only to academics and students, but also to a wider readership including international law firms with banking law interests in China and banks that are interested in business expansion in China.