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Commercial Transactions in Singapore: The Law and Model Documents, 4th Edition


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Commercial Transactions in Singapore: The Law and Model Documents
Jun 2016
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Contents Outline:
1.        Introduction to Contracts
2.        Issues in Renting Out Property or Renting a Property
3.        JTC Leases
4.        Sale and Purchase of Residential Property
5.        Management of Debts and Debt Recovery
6.        Company Formation and Administration
7.        Formation of Businesses and Partnerships
8.        Intellectual Assets
9.        Information Technology
10.     Personal Data Protection Act
11.     Distribution and Agencies
12.     Joint Ventures
13.     Matters of Insurance
14.     Banking and Finance
15.     Employment Matters
16.     Selling Goods and Obligations that Follow
17.     Defamation
18.     Complaints and Customer Service
19.     Winding Up and Insolvency
20.     Mediation and Arbitration
21.     International Business Transactions
22.     Venture Capital
23.     Competition Law


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