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Aug 2010
Hardback, 1300 pp

USD 256.00

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Gone are the days when managing wealth effectively meant finding the most secretive and lowest-tax jurisdiction with ironclad asset protection.

Rather today, one has to carefully consider the reputation of the jurisdiction.
What and where are these jurisdictions of substance?
This timely compilation seeks to answer this question authoritatively by offering a well-informed examination of 46 jurisdictions around the world.
The contributors are practitioners, regulators and other experts who have reviewed the legislation and business opportunities in these jurisdictions. Each chapter features a jurisdiction by giving a general introduction and an overview of the political, socioeconomic environment and the legislation affecting offshore and trust operations.
The chapters all have the same format for ease of comparing and contrasting the different jurisdictions.
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Jurisdiction: A total of 46 jurisdictions around the world including Bermuda, Delaware, Hong Kong, Jersey, Australia, Singapore, Mauritius, Ras Al-Khaimah, Switzerland, United Kingdom and even Botswana, just to name a few.


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