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Am I At Risk of Being Sued? A Guide to Medical Negligence Law


Am I At Risk of Being Sued? A Guide to Medical Negligence Law
Dec 2009

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In the course of medical practice, there is an ever-present risk of being sued.
While there is no way to guarantee that one will not be sued, a knowledge of medical negligence law can be helpful in reducing the risk.
Written by an author who is both a qualified doctor as well as a qualified lawyer, this book explores both the principles of medical negligence law (duty of care, standard of care, breach of duty and causation) and the position of the law specific to Singapore.
The book also draws on source material from Australia, Canada, England and the United Statesof America to provide a guide as to the current position of the law.
In addition, a number of illustrative cases that have arisen in the context of diagnosis, consentand treatment are highlighted.

Jurisdiction: Singapore


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