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Civil Remedies, 2nd Edition


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Civil Remedies, 2nd Edition
Aug 2016
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Chapter 1 Introduction
·         Reviewed materials on function of remedies
·         Observations on the Malaysian courts’ reference to Indian law, traditional English authorities and more recent English judicial developments.
Chapter 2 Breach of Contract and Termination
·         Clarification on termination for breach of contract and the different modes of discharge from a contract
·         Extended discussion of significant cases: Berjaya Times Square Sdn Bhd v M Concept Sdn Bhd (2010, FC); Damansara Realty Bhd v Bungsar Hill Holding Sdn Bhd               (2011, FC); Sime Hok Sdn Bhd v Soh Poh Sheng (2013, FC)
Chapter 3 Rescission
·         More detailed treatment of effects of termination for breach and rescission ab initio and how each is dealt with under different provisions of the Contracts Act 1950
·         Additional Australian cases on restitutio in integrum at common law and in equity
Chapter 4 Damages
·         New material on diminution in value vs cost of cure, expectation vs reliance interest, and non-pecuniary loss
·         New section on restitutionary damages and account of profits
·         New cases considered: The Achilleas (2009, HL) on possible qualification of Hadley v Baxendale remoteness test; Johor Coastal Development v Constrajaya (2009)             on liquidated damages; Invescor v Sobena Maju (2008) on application of Morello principles on forfeiture of deposits
Chapter 5 Specific Performance
·         Extended discussion on rebuttable presumption in land cases including Singapore law developments and Reignmont Estate Sdn Bhd v Jaya Ikatan                                           Plantations (2013)
·         New section on rebuttable presumption for movable goods including Indian law developments
·         Extended discussion on adequacy of damages rule – whether it is justified and/or desirable
·         New material on reinstatement under industrial relations law
Chapter 6 Injunction
·         Clear concise principles of requirement for each type of injunction
·         New section on injunctions and performance bonds
Chapter 7 Restitutionary Remedies and Unjust Enrichment
·         Completely rewritten – clear exposition of constituent elements of a claim in unjust enrichment
·         Malaysian legislative provisions analysed particularly through lens of English restitution and unjust enrichment law, focusing on identification of unjust factor; including           extended analysis of Dream Property v Atlas Housing (2015, FC)
Chapter 8 Equitable Remedies: Rectification, Cancellation, Constructive Trust, Account and Tracing
·         Consideration of Chartbrook Ltd v Persimmon Homes Ltd (2009, HL) on rectification and mutual mistake
·         New material on remedial vs institutional constructive trust
·         Discussion of CIMB Bank v Maybank Trustees (2014, FC) on knowing assistance


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