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All Malaysia Law Index 2018 Subscription (AMLI)


All Malaysia Law Index 2018 Subscription (AMLI)
Jan 2018

USD 236.00

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The All Malaysia Law Index (AMLI) 2018 provides its users with a valuable research tool to access current Malaysian case reports and legislation. It seeks to be the first point of reference for current Malaysian case law and new legislation as well. The AMLI provides an invaluable key to legal research in Malaysia. Its compact monthly issues comprising an index of cases reported in the All Malaysia Report (AMR)All Malaysia Electronic Judgments (AMEJ)Malayan Law Journal (MLJ) and the Current Law Journal (CLJ) as well as current legislation makes available the following:
·         Table of Reported and Unreported Cases
·         Subject Index of Reported and Unreported Cases
·         Case Citator (cases followed, not followed, distinguished or overruled in reported cases)
·         Legislation Citator (legislation referred to in reported cases)
·         Legislation Update (Principal Acts, Amendment Acts and Subsidiary Legislation)
·         Index of Journal Articles
·         Subject index of Singapore cases
An annual bound volume which rearranges and re-indexes the content from the 12 monthly issues is provided to the subscribers at no additional charge.

AMLI is packed with essential information for all lawyers, judicial officers and lecturers.  


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