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Law for Business, Second Edition


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Law for Business
Mar 2018
DUO (PB + ProView)

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The realm of business and commerce is regulated by a system of laws. Those engaged or aspiring to engage in business must have a clear understanding of how the law affects business, trade and commerce.

Law for Business highlights the important principles, cases and legislative provisions governing this area of law to provide students and business professionals with a strong foundation in legal theory as well as the practical and applied aspects of the laws affecting trade and business activities in Malaysia. Where appropriate, a comparative approach between local and foreign law has been adopted to provide a critical analysis of the law.

This updated edition includes a new section on the sale of goods and consumer protection, and added material on the formation of companies. The content has also been enhanced with charts, case summaries and discussion questions.


  • Presents the various areas of Malaysian business law relevant to business students in one handy volume.
  • Enhanced content - charts, case summaries and discussion questions - delivered exclusively in ProView eBook.
  • Written in reader-friendly language to help students gain a quick understanding of the laws affecting business.
  • Authored by lecturers who are intimately familiar with the subject.


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