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The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation


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The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation
Oct 2017
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A simple guide for employers and employees.

The Employment Act 1955 is the nation's foremost labour legislation, often referred to by both employers and employees to verify their rights and obligations where labour issues are concerned. Whilst much has been written on our labour laws in general, S Chandrarajan's The Employment Act 1955: An Annotations, is a rarity. Written in a simple and straightforward style, readers will benefit from the thoughts distilled from the author's vast experience in administering the Act whilst in the civil service.

The book deals with the Act and three of its most important related regulations, explaining their objectives and purpose, deliberating on virtually every provision, and providing with clarity the rationale and principle behind each. The author's commentaries on specific provisions are unique, comprehensive and interesting to read. It offers the necessary knowledge for an employer to avoid pitfalls when dealing with employee management within the framework of the Act. It also details the basic information on employee requires to verify his rights and obligations in order to safeguard his interests.

Well written, factual and easily understandable, The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation, is an essential addition to the libraries of employers organisations, an important reference for employees and trade unions, and a necessary companion for students of law especially those wanting to specialise in employment law.
Includes annotations to:
  • Employment Regulations 1957
  • Employment (Terminations and Lay-Off Benefits Regulations) 1980
  • Employment (Part-Time Employees) Regulations 2010
  • Section-by-section commentary to the Act and its main related Regulations
  • Written in simple and straightforward style
  • Summary of salient features of provisions of the Act
  • Summary of Fringe Benefits at a Glance



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