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Malaysian Insurance Law


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Malaysian Insurance Law
Oct 2017
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Malaysian Insurance Law provides comprehensive coverage of the three key areas of property insurance, life insurance and marine insurance.

Written by authors with extensive industrial and research experience, the book serves as a handy, up-to-date guide on a technical subject for insurance professionals, and is equally useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as those seeking professional qualification through professional bodies such as the Malaysian Insurance Institute.

Readers will find discussion on these areas particularly useful:

  • Insurable Interest - Legal discourse on development of English law and ts impact on development of law in Malaysia outlined. Understand how to navigate complex mix of common law legal principles and statutory provisions that give rise to bewildering set of rules on insurable interest.
  • Utmost Good Faith - New legislative requirements brought in by Financial Service Act 2013 affecting issues such as misrepresentation and non-disclosure explained, including their impact on the "basis clause" in insurance contracts, and effect of proportionality principle.
  • Claims Management - Questions on burden and standard of proof in handling claims clarified, particularly standard of proof to be discharged in rejecting claims for fraud. Effect of the "notice clause" in insurance contracts explained.


  • Most up-to-date coverage of Malaysian Insurance Law
  • Comprehensive coverage of applicable legislative provisions, including the Financial Services Act 2013
  • Unique chapter on Claims Management


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