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Business Investment Guide: Myanmar


Business Investment Guide: Myanmar
Jul 2014

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This book is designed to be an indispensable guide for those considering to invest or do business in Myanmar. It provides a thorough framework of the economic and legal structures of the country, covering topics such as law, government, taxation, business regulation, import and export controls, labour, intellectual property, dispute resolution, insurance and data privacy. The content of the book is organised under the following structure:

  • An overview of the system of law and government
  • Land tenure
  • The structure of the investment
  • Taxation
  • Regulation of business
  • Import and export controls
  • Exchange control
  • Labour and nationality laws
  • Intellectual property
  • Settlement of disputes
  • Regulation of local finance
  • Movement of goods (transport and shipping)
  • Insurance

Key Features

  • Content is reviewed and/or revised by expert authors from the respective countries
  • Content is organized according to relevant key areas when making investment or business decisions
  • Includes a comprehensive index
  • Provides useful cross-references to navigate within the text
  • Fully up to date taking into account the current developments


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