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GST 1-2-3 Managing & Complying with GST - My Business & Skills for GST (Book 1)


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GST 1-2-3 Managing & Complying with GST -     My Business & Skills for GST (Book 1)
May 2015

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GST 1-2-3 Managing & Complying with GST –

My Business & Skills for GST (Book 1)


GST 1-2-3© is a business resource specifically developed to help the Malaysian community in the practical application of GST. The series brings together international and Malaysian experiences on managing a business in compliance with GST.


The 3 books in this series are designed to provide practical knowledge grounded on fundamental business skills, practices and processes necessary to operate with GST. The books are full of useful hands-on guidance including examples, smart tips, check lists, worksheets and focus points.


It has been developed as a resource for sole proprietors, small and medium enterprises, charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, education bodies and anyone with interest in the practical application of GST.


Book 1 – My Business & Skills for GST focuses on understanding your business transactions and the fundamental accounting practices that are relevant. Book 1 consists of 6 Modules and includes a glossary of important terms and concepts:


Module 1          Understanding Your Business Footprint (Accounting)

Module 2          Creating a Photo Album (Reporting)

Module 3          A Balancing Scale (Transactions)

Module 4          Capturing What Goes In and What Goes Out (Information)

Module 5          Breathing Fresh Air into Your Business (Be Active)

Module 6          Be a Step Ahead For Continuing Success (Planning)


Other books in this series

·         Book 2 – My Business & Complying with GST

·         Book 3 – My Business & Managing GST




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