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Arbitration in Hong Kong - A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition


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Arbitration in Hong Kong - A Practical Guide
Jun 2017
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 General Principles

1. The Arbitration Ordinance
2. State Immunity: Life After Congo
3. Preventing Commercial Disputes
4. Ways To Resolve A Dispute
5. Mediation/Arbitration
6. The Main Features of Arbitration
7. Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and Its Rules
8. Domestic and International Arbitration
9. Conflict of Laws Issues In Arbitration
10. The Arbitration Agreement
11. Arbitrators
12. Emergency Arbitrators



13. Commencement of Arbitration
14. Jurisdiction
15. The Proceedings
16. Interlocutory Applications
17. Arbitration Awards
18. Role of The Court
19. Recognition and Enforcement of The Arbitral Award
20. Challenge of Arbitral Awards

Specialist Arbitration
21. Construction Arbitration
22. PRC-Related Arbitration
23. Intellectual Property and Domain Name Arbitration
24. Shipping and International Trade Arbitration
25. Taiwan Arbitration
26. Investment Treaty Arbitration
27. Banking Arbitration
28. Insurance Arbitration
29. Arbitration of Employment Disputes


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