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Human Rights: Source, Content and Enforcement


Overview   |  Table of Contents
Human Rights: Source, Content and Enforcement
Dec 2015
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1. Introduction

2. Civil and Political Rights/Socio-Economic Rights

3. Democracy

4. Constitutional Review

5. Suspension

6. Innovations – From Procedure to Substance

7. Judicial Approach to Human Rights

8. Discretion

9. Unanimity, Concurrence and Dissent

10. Right to Life

11. Freedom of Expression

12. Abode

13. Freedom of Movement and Travel

14. Freedom of the Person

15. Rights of Persons Deprived of their Liberty

16. Freedom from Slavery, Servitude and Forced or Compulsory Labour

17. No Imprisonment for Inability to Pay

18. Right to Recognition as a Person before the Law

19. Freedom from Torture

20. Right Not to be subjected to Double Jeopardy

21. Presumption of Innocence

22. Other Rights of Persons Charged or Convicted

23. Prohibition of Retroactive Criminal Laws

24. Equality

25. Right to Marry and to Found a Family

26. Indigenous Rights

27. Rights of Persons with Disabilities

28. Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion

29. Rights of Children

30. Women’s Rights

31. Rights of Minorities

32. Right of Self Determination

33. Right to Privacy

34. Freedom of Assembly and Association

35. “Universal, Indivisible, Interdependent and Interrelated”

36. Right to Work

37. Right to Just and Favourable Conditions of Work

38. Right to Form and Join Trade Unions

39. Right to Strike

40. Right to Social Security and Social Insurance

41. Right to an Adequate Standard of Living in terms of Food, Clothing and Housing

42. Right to Continuous Improvement of Living Standards

43. Freedom from Hunger

44. Right to Highest Attainment Standard of Physical and Mental Health

45. Right to Education

46. Right to take part in Cultural Life

47. Right to Benefit from Scientific Progress

48. Author’s Rights

49. Freedom of Scientific Research and Creative Activity

50. Conclusion


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