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Company Law in Hong Kong - Insolvency 2017


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Company Law in Hong Kong - Insolvency 2017
Dec 2016
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Company Law in Hong Kong  – Insolvency 2017 focuses and provides an updated analysis on all matters relating to the surviving sections of the re-titled Companies (Winding-Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap 32) dealing with Insolvency issues in Hong Kong a year after its re-enactment! 

Overview and summary of the amendments to the insolvency and winding-up provisions, including the proposed amendments due to come into effect this December 2016/early 2017. The purpose of these new amendments to the main law and its subsidiary legislation are to:
(i) increase and enhance the protection for creditors;
(ii) streamline the winding-up process;
(iii) strengthen the regulation under the winding-up regime;
(iv) enhance the integrity of the winding-up process; and
(v) to make related, consequential and minor technical amendments to the law for easier understanding.

• Updated with all transitional aspects and new legal content regarding forthcoming amendments to the law, including the five revised aspects of the winding-up process:
(i) commencement of winding-up;
(ii) appointment, powers, vacation of office and release of provisional liquidators;
(iii) conduct of winding-up;
(iv) voidable transactions; and
(v) investigation during winding-up, offences antecedent to or in the course of winding-up and powers of the Court

• Provides updates to the transitional laws and legal precedence that have been reviewed and heard by the Courts more than two years now since the re-titled law has been in effect

• Focuses on all matters relating to Insolvency Law in Hong Kong and examines corporate insolvency law at every angle


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